Project 2013: Updated Site and New Elements

May 10th, 2013


It’s been 53 days since the 2013 Living Galapagos team got back to the states. This year, 13 students traveled with 5 professors to Isabela – a larger, but more remote island. We stumbled across stories (some later than others), but found so much more in Puerto Villamil. From the island’s cutest couple in the highlands, to a barber who moonlights as a musician still looking for love, the team got to know fascinating characters, and can now finally share them with everyone else!

Our site is finally updated, with all of the new stories at http://livinggalapagos.org

In addition to new video pieces, we have a lot of new and exciting elements on the website. One new component are our long multimedia text narratives. We have two articles this year, Invasion, by Josie Hollingsworth, and Man-Made Evolution, by Caitlin Owens.

We have also added a Learn Page, geared toward educators who come to our site. The graphics by Alexis Balinski tell more information about the islands, and each is linked to relevant stories.

Another thing we added was video panoramas, as seen on the side of Maria van Aalst’s story, Farming was Born for Me. These video panos are more interactive than their stills counterparts, and allow the viewer to see what happens over time in a location.

These new features would not have been possible without the diligent work of our site programmers, Casey Miller and Caroline Pate.