Beware of Dog

April 23rd, 2012

by Jon Kasbe, videographer

One night I went to Iris’s house to spend the night. I was planning on filming her telling stories to her kids and tucking them into bed.
Once I arrived at the gate outside her house, her dog, Rex, started barking. I recalled her telling me a couple days earlier how Rex was not a friendly dog and had bitten numerous visitors. Instead of trying to be a hero, kept the gate between me and Rex and called out for Iris. Next thing I know, Rex has opened the gate on his own and is now chasing me down the street. Rex is a fast dog. I’m pretty fast myself, but running with a camera bag is not exactly my style. I realized after about 15 seconds of running from Rex as he was trying to chomp my calves that he was not going to let up. Using my camera bag, I was able to fend Rex off until he lost interest in my legs and ran home.
Now three blocks away from Iris’s house, I started walking back to her house, wondering how I will get in.